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  The Medicine Postgraduate Program, Concentration Area in Pathology, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, comprises the Master and PhD programs. Its main objective is to train faculty members and researchers in order to meet the demand of the various medical schools in Rio de Janeiro and neighboring states, and provide postgraduate professionals for the health areas. Thus, the program is aimed at medical and non-medical professionals in order to facilitate the formation of multidisciplinary teams, so important in the new scientific research trends. Thus, the target group includes faculty members, researchers and professionals in the health areas with higher education qualifications, who wish to improve their training in research activities in the knowledge areas of the program. The research lines of the program's faculty members are placed in a tertiary care hospital unit and are focused on the morphological studies, with strong integration with clinical specialties, thus allowing an interaction between the basic aspects of medical research and patient care with the lines of research in human and experimental Pathology in association with the basic areas of knowledge in the various specialties of health areas. Therefore, we have a dual mission, combining clinical faculty with basic science faculty, whose common interest is the biological mechanisms underlying diseases.

UFRJ Pós-Graduação em Anatomia Patológica da Faculdade de Medicina
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